First thoughts

I must admit that I am no different from any other college student—I am completely addicted to the social aspects of technology. Like many of my fellow students; I am on facebook, checking for new tweets, and texting during class. Do I see this as a huge problem? Not really. I’m passing all of my classes, and I still manage to keep my social life abuzz. The connectivity that I have is almost comforting for me knowing that I have the ability to keep in touch with my friends and family, even thought at times it may become a bit excessive.

When wondering where to start on this project, I decided that statistics would be a beneficial starting point. The data that I found was a bit upsetting. The website that I looked at is, which contained information about the internet, social networking, and other related topics. When scrolling down to the ‘social media’ tab I was almost disgusted with the statistics that it included.  One of the facts was that 600 million people had created a facebook by the end of 2010. The amount of people that are technologically connected is a bit startling.  I think that looking up those statistics helped me realize that the amount of people connected via technology is mind-blowing.



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