Generation Gap

There continues to be advances in technology every year and at the rates they have been going, the technology we have now may not look anything like the technology we will have in 10 years. Many new things that have come about with the growth of computers and technology are the capabilities that each of the those have gained. This includes all of the the social networking that goes on but also includes surfing the internet.

The advances have had negative affects in my view because of the growing generation gap between our elders and the generation that thrives on technology today. The article ( goes on to state how with each new generation, the amount of technology and communications necessities doubles. Since there have been several generations since World War 2, the number has quadrupled in how many different applications people use on a daily basis. This gap has created a differentiating view on what is a desirable lifestyle.

There have been a large amount of people becoming more technologically advanced from the “Elders” gerneration. This generation comes before the baby boomers. The difference between the outlooks of the young and the old is that they differ on the their view of neccessity. The older generations do not see why people post everything about themselves and why people give up their privacy so easily. Younger generations see this as opportunities to meet new people. There has been a change in how people live with the new generation and the fact that younger generations feel as if they need technology baffles older generations who lived fine without it 50 years ago. I think this change in view is kind of monumental because it shows just how people have become dependent on the technology when we once were. Regardless that it wasn’t around when elder generations grew up, I do not think that generations way of thinking should be lost once they all die out.

I think the idea of living simply shouldn’t be lost in all the advances of technology and social networking. I think their views of privacy and keeping to yourself a little bit should not be forgotten because of the popularity of social networks like Facebook. I think there is a lot to learn from older generations but I worry that the old lifestyle that lasted for hundreds of years up until the tech boom could be forgotten with coming generations. These new generations will be bred on computers and being entangled in everyone’s everyday life that privacy and other simple living aspects may simply not mean anything anymore.

This video is a reiteration about what I said but in a little more detail.

– Luke


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