Skype and video chatting

This crazy world of global communications has become extremely helpful for the business world. Technology companies are jumping on board and taking advantage of the “need” to have quick communications through a business and even across the country. Such products as Skype are being used every day for college students away from their families, friends that have moved away, and people who are abroad. Now businesses are incorporating Skype into their structures. This is also a way for businesses to communicate without commercial enterprises benefitting from it. It helps in so many ways to break away from an unprofessional phone call or conference calls and brings you face to face with clients.

Not only is Skype being used to communicate between business professionals but it is now being used as a customer service aid. College kids computers breaking down or not operating correctly, who has time to take it to get fixed between classes and deadlines? Nobody. Instead you can chat live with a representative from many corporations while they talk you through the steps. There is even the ability to share screens with the representative to solve problems. Overall operations like Skype are bringing business to a personal level with face time, without having the trouble of traveling to be face to face.

Communication via Skype is even being portrayed in feature films such as “Up In the Air”. This movie shows a man, George Clooney, traveling to fire people for companies. His job ends up being taken from him by using computers. In the movie they are showing the negative side to such communication technology. People are losing jobs because of the technology being used. I unfortunately find the clip I was looking for, but definitely check out the movie because it gives a different opinion on the global communications.

This article was definitely in favor and pointed out some great things about video chatting for




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First thoughts

I must admit that I am no different from any other college student—I am completely addicted to the social aspects of technology. Like many of my fellow students; I am on facebook, checking for new tweets, and texting during class. Do I see this as a huge problem? Not really. I’m passing all of my classes, and I still manage to keep my social life abuzz. The connectivity that I have is almost comforting for me knowing that I have the ability to keep in touch with my friends and family, even thought at times it may become a bit excessive.

When wondering where to start on this project, I decided that statistics would be a beneficial starting point. The data that I found was a bit upsetting. The website that I looked at is, which contained information about the internet, social networking, and other related topics. When scrolling down to the ‘social media’ tab I was almost disgusted with the statistics that it included.  One of the facts was that 600 million people had created a facebook by the end of 2010. The amount of people that are technologically connected is a bit startling.  I think that looking up those statistics helped me realize that the amount of people connected via technology is mind-blowing.


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Welcome to Group A’s wordpress for English 112.

We decided that our inquiry should focus on people’s connectivity to the world, more specifically with social technology such as: Cell phones, Facebook, Texting, Twitter and Skype. When thinking about our topic we wondered what would have happened in The Tortilla Curtain if Candito or America could have contacted their relatives back home.

While our inquiry will not focus on The Tortilla Curtain, we are excited to begin our research and blog about something pertinent in our lives and culture.

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